SMRTLINK Chemistry Bundle v5.0.1补丁下载地址

最近经常被问到一个问题,就是SMRTLINK 5.0分析的时候提示 unsupported sequencing chemistry combination 错误,SMRTLINK的错误信息如下。具体的原因是仪器使用的是最新的酶试剂组合测序,而官方下载的SMRTLINK是5.0.0。需要安装Chemistry Bundle v5.0.1补丁才可以。作为比pb官方勤劳的tech support,测序百家提供了Chemistry Bundle v5.0.1补丁供大家下载。



Update Procedure

After updating SMRT Link to v5.0.1, customers will receive a notification for an available Chemistry Bundle update (coincidentally, also v5.0.1).  Initially, this will appear as a small red dot on the SMRT Link menu button, as shown below.

  1. A red circle on the Menu button hints at the availability of the Chemistry Bundle Upgrade.
  2. In the SMRT Link main menu, choose About which will also display the red circle notification.
  3. The Notifications page should include information about the available Chemistry Bundle version. Select the Update button to proceed.
  4. After selecting the Update button, the new software will be unpacked into the appropriate $SMRT_ROOT location. Initially, this may not be visible through the SMRT Link interface. If the Upgrade is not reflected in the GUI shortly, please try the following:
    1. Refresh the browser (Ctrl+R / Cmd+R in Chrome)
    2. Log out and log back in to SMRT Link
    3. Clear browsing data, then refresh the browser (More Tools > Clear Browsing Data > select Beginning of Time > check Cached Images and Files > click Clear Browsing Data)
    4. Restart SMRT Link services from command line (services-stop and services-start scripts)
  5. Confirm the success of the update by again selecting About from the SMRT Link main menu.
  6. After confirmation of successful update completion, the Sequel system will also need to install an accompanying update. The availability of the Sequel Chemistry update can be seen upon selection of the Sequel Menu’s Admin This will reveal another red circle notification in the left-side’s Updates tab.
  7. Select the tab with the notification circle, which is titled Updates. Then select the Install button in the Update information area.

Manual Update

In locations where SMRT Link is unable to access the internet, or the Update Notification Service has not been allowed to run, the Chemistry Bundle upgrade to v5.0.1 must be done manually.

Command line access as the SMRT Link user, and the ability to transfer the upgrade package to the server, are necessary to complete this process.  Substitute $SMRT_ROOT with the SMRT Link installation directory.

  1. Download the update from the following location:

  1. Copy the downloaded file to the SMRT Link server location (same as second command below):



  1. Issue the following commands as the SMRT Link user:


cd $SMRT_ROOT/current/bundles/smrtlink-analysisservices-gui/current/ \
mkdir chemistry-
tar -C chemistry- -xzf chemistry-
find chemistry- -type d -exec chmod 755 {} \;
find chemistry- -type f -exec chmod 644 {} \;
rm -f chemistry-active
ln -s $(pwd)/chemistry- chemistry-active
tar -C chemistry- -czf chemistry- ./


  1. The SMRT Link GUI should now include the red notification circle discussed at the start of this document. If not immediately available, please try refreshing the page and/or clearing the browser cache.


Additional Considerations

Update Check Interval: SMRT Link’s update check mechanism is designed to work on a twice daily interval.  Therefore, on internet connected SMRT Link servers, the update availability notification typically will not appear instantly following a release announcement.  The next scheduled check for updates may be up to 12 hours away.

Force Update Check: To force the SMRT Link system to check for available updates, simply stop and restart the SMRT Link services.  A check should be performed shortly following service initialization, and will also determine the times of the following checks (until services are stopped).

Dependencies: Update readiness is determined automatically by SMRT Link, and performs checks to ensure dependent updates have already been installed. The Chemistry Bundle v5.0.1 update requires SMRT Link v5.0.1 and ICS v5.0.0.  Thus, it is essential to ensure all necessary components are in place.



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